How to Grow Your Business, Not Your Anxiety: In 3 Steps

Disclaimer: Evergray supports both seeking professional help for anxiety, and exploring ideas such as the one detailed below in order to find the best solution for each individual. 

Energy is such a special and finite thing - energy to grow your business, and even your anxious energy. We only have so much of it, and if we’re young and healthy, it may even seem like we’ve just got a neverending supply of it. But we don’t.

What we spend our energy on - whether it’s our business, our anxiety, or something else - grows.


Earlier this summer, I got bit by a tick. (I promise this is relevant!) That tick gave me Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and possibly Lyme Disease as well, and I got sick. I mean, really sick - I had every bodily symptom that you could think of for just about a month and a half before it all started tapering off.

(If you landed here wanting more specific entrepreneurial tips like how to grow your email list or how to make money through affiliate links, you’re not going to get that in this article. But don’t worry - Pinterest has an abundance of these types of articles available for you! This post is about manifesting more of your imagination energy into your business, and less of it into unproductive anxiety.)

I’m still young, and have always been pretty healthy, so before all of that tick bite nonsense, I had taken my health for granted quite a bit. But what I also realized that I had taken for granted was my energy.

People who have had health scares or serious illnesses (much worse than my little tick-borne disease!), understand this all too well. Their message usually seems to be to not waste energy on people, places, or things that don’t serve your higher purpose.

Anxiety can serve your higher purpose when it’s channeled productively

So if you’re an entrepreneur, chances are - your business is made up of creative, imagination energy. Even if your actual work or day-to-day business is boring - you had the creative vision to make a business out of nothing. You imagined something that wasn’t there before, and then you acted on it. This type of mentality (vision and imagination), also makes you prone to anxiety. 

If you’re capable of imagining up a new business, you’re capable of imagining up negative scenarios, which manifest into anxiety

Now that we’ve (essentially) established that the connection between your business and anxiety is your imagination energy, we can get right into learning how to have less anxiety & more business growth:

Step 1:

Personal anxiety is just a disposition for people like you and I, so write out what you’re anxious about that pertains to your business. Are you worried that you’ll have to get a ‘normal’ job if you can’t maintain consistent revenue? Is it that you don’t feel qualified enough? Are you anxious about not having enough time in the day to make all of this work? Put it all on paper/in a document.

Step 2:

Now read all of that - I guarantee that you’ll find (on trusty Google), that tons of other entrepreneurs have these exact same fears. The ones that end up super successful usually don’t let these fears grow out of control.

If you take preventative action, these fears won't be unfounded

(You notice that ‘founder’ joke that I slipped in there?)

Step 3:

All energy can be channeled, and anxiety is energy. Seek out professional help if you need it, but something different too - take preventative action - channel those fears/anxiety into productive creative thinking and tasks that will grow your business.

For example, if you’ve got anxiety about whether or not you’ll be able to maintain consistent revenue - instead of just worrying about it and letting that anxiety grow bigger and bigger, retrain your brain to use that energy instead on creative thinking that will get you to a place where you’ll have more revenue streams, and therefore a higher chance of having consistent revenue.

The more and more you refocus your energy on creative tasks that accomplish business goals instead of just letting anxiety consume you, the easier and easier it’ll get to repeat the process.

In fact, anxiety will eventually be what initiates a creative process if you stick by these steps!

Entrepreneurship holds a plethora of tasks that you could be doing at any given moment, but some of these tasks are more creative than others. The next time that you feel some anxiety run down your spine or a little anxious heart palpitation, tell your brain to instead focus on one of the specific creative tasks in the interactive ‘25 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Harness Anxiety’ checklist!

To get the email download of the interactive (and printable!) 25 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Harness Anxiety Checklist, put that info right in those boxes below!

Questions, comments, concerns, or need some clarity? (I AM known for being incredibly ambiguous) - let me know in the comments!

Want more business growth and less anxiety? Put that energy that usually goes into anxiety to better use by using it to spark a creative process. How to Grow Your Business, Not Your Anxiety: In 3 Steps - Evergray Media

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  • Nikki voiles

    I landed on your article for valid business growth resources and you started with your tick diseases! My husband too has Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Lyme and starri. He’s had it about 3 years. We tried everything and finally found a product that has helped him get back to being about 90%! He no longer needs many naps (where he was sleeping 90% or his day!) you’re welcome to email me back or message me on Fb.

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