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About Us

Evergray Media was founded in May of 2016 in Richmond, VA, USA, and became a full-time gig in December of 2016.

Even though the title of this page, 'About Us', suggests that there's more than one person working here, this company is run wholly by solopreneur, Cameron Gray. (That's me!)

Evergray Media - About Us - Cameron Gray Headshot

I'm a creative entrepreneur with some mild to moderate anxiety that has a weird thing for art, is known for talking about my years in Italy, believes in the possibility of mermaids, and studied business.

I write about anxiety, creativity, and entrepreneurship, (with an informal, curse-word sprinkled approach) - with topics focusing on creative therapy, education, and cultivation for artists, entrepreneurs, educators, and anxious people.

Since Evergray's inception, I've been developing an entirely new theory about the 8 by-products of imagination, and am currently teaching an eCourse for Channeling Anxiety into Creativity.

To learn more about my own little journey, head on over to Personal Stories!