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Wine, Workshops, & Weirdos: The Live Webinar Series for Artists!

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The other day, while in an epsom salt bath trying to ease my little neck injury from moving day, it finally came to me. Boom - I KNOW WHAT I’LL DO MY WEBINAR SERIES ON!


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Thanks to piles and piles of good ol’ internet research and learning, I knew that the next step for the Evergray brand needed to be video, specifically - webinars. Not only do I reallllly want to connect with my audience (you!), in the most meaningful way, but most of us are visual learners. Especially us artists, who happen to be exactly who this series is serving. I don’t know about you, but I like learning shit on the internet.

Evergray is all about non-traditional, transformational media that’s super fun & interesting, and a live webinar series featuring cheerful and semi-drunk workshops is just a perfect platform.

Launching RIGHT NOW, the Wine, Workshops, and Weirdos Live Webinar Series for Artists will feature plenty of creative weirdos, (it’s totally a good thing to be a weirdo, by the way), teaching actionable and helpful workshops that will further your art career

I added ‘Wine’ into the title of the series not just for the alliteration effect, but for a little more truth. By adding a glass or two throughout a workshop, the end result is not debauchery (definitely not what we’re going for here), but a relaxed environment where we can all have more fun without the filter of ‘I need to act a certain way because someone might judge me and my ideas’. We’re not gonna judge, and neither should you.

By ‘we’, I mean myself - Cameron Gray, and Mel Bikowski - your Wine, Workshops, & Weirdos hosts. We’ll be the standard hosts holding this all down while we bring in experts on other topics to co-host the workshops with us. I’m a digital artist that studied business and founded Evergray, and Mel is a fine artist and long-time soul sister/partner of Evergray that has her own brand over at

The ultimate purpose of Evergray Media is to help driven, creative people take over the world, and that’s exactly what Wine, Workshops, and Weirdos webinars aim to facilitate.

With a new webinar coming out every couple of weeks, topics will include everything to keep artists and creative entrepreneurs sharp, ever-evolving, and at the top of their game. And philosophy is for the birds - you can get that anywhere - these webinars are 100% actionable, complete with PDF resources and guides.

To join this community and receive the awesome accompanying freebies that we’ll be creating in conjunction with these webinars (things like checklists, quizzes, PDF guides, worksheets, workbooks, free courses, and various discounts), enter in the magic letters and symbols below, and you’re good to go.

Another way to stay in this here loop is to subscribe to Evergray’s Youtube channel, where webinar replays will be posted, along with links to the aforementioned awesome resources.


 For for updated info on these workshops, click here!

To be featured in this series, to throw out some badass ideas, or to support this series in any way whatsoever, shoot me an email over at



Ready to take your art career to the next level? Learn some actionable steps to take towards fulfilling your artists dreams with the Wine, Workshops, & Weirdos: The Live Webinar Series for Artists!


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