The Evergray Signature Ecourse: Channel Anxiety into Creativity!

If you already love the idea and don't need the details below - this link takes you straight to the course!

Have you ever considered anxiety an energy resource? It can be! Learn the system to harness your anxiety and funnel it into creativity with the Channel Anxiety into Creativity eCourse - Evergray Media's signature course!

OH. MY. GOOD. NESS. Many months in the making, and now the Evergray signature eCourse is finally here


I’m feeling just a gush of relief as I write this. Not only am I happy to see everything come full circle, but I’m SO. EFFING. ELATED to share this with the world. The thought that this course going to be improving peoples' lives is just exhilarating!


 Anxiety gets a super bad rap, but it can actually be made into an advantage

This type of therapy isn’t meant to be in lieu of going to a licensed psychologist, but it’s meant to be supplemental to an everyday anxious person’s life.

Instead of laying belly up on a chaise and Freuding-ly picking apart WHY we’re anxious, the approach of the Channeling Anxiety into Creativity course is to just go - ‘Ok, regardless of how we got it - we’ve got anxiety - so how do we put it to work?”

So, how might you put anxiety to work? By harnessing it for what it is - energy!

All energy can be channeled, and due to this imagination theory that I’ve got, it makes sense to channel anxiety into a much better use of imagination: creative projects.

Creative projects can be literally anything that’s therapeutic to do, but anxiety’s best off being channeled into a very specific type of creativity - systematic creativity for your business or systematic creativity for your art. (Which can totally be a business too!) 

So what exactly does the Channel Anxiety into Creativity course, AKA the CAIC course do?

It walks you through reframing your mindset and feelings about anxiety, choosing the most suitable creative method, transforming your physical space, organizing your creative plan, putting it all on a pretty timeline, identifying your anxiety triggers and patterns, and then allowing those triggers to initiate work on the creative plan that you've put in place.

Whew - that was a long sentence! And that's because the course teaches you a skill set and involves a process, and not just a random action that involves acrylic, wine, and a dashing good time with your girlfriends on a Saturday night. (That’s TOTALLY fun though!)

The course utilizes 3 video lectures and a 39-page downloadable workbook that gets down into brainstorming, mantras, and presenting questions to narrow down the best type of creativity for you personally. Then it'll help you identify patterns in your own anxiety, shows you how to examine your anxiety in ways that no one has before, and walks you through designing an anxiety/creativity plan and putting it on all a 90 day timeline.

Here’s a demo:

In more or less words, this course walks you through systemizing the process that utilizes your natural anxiety and turns it into productive creativity.

To check out this whole Channeling Anxiety into Creativity course, head on over to it by clicking here. 

But hey, guess what? You can try out a taste of the course by grabbing a mini, 3-part email version of it!

The mini course goes over the main course’s concepts, including explaining the theory behind channeling anxiety, giving you the knowledge base necessary to start channeling, and explaining exactly how you'll channel anxiety.

Cheers to giving anxiety the chance to be your ally!


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  • Youhjung

    Love this!!! (Including the dancing Meryl Streep) I’m so excited for your launch!

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