How I Started Channeling Anxiety into Creativity (and How it’s Possible for You!)

There’s a couple of characteristics that I’ve always had going for me: creativity & anxiety.

Growing up, I had absolutely no idea that they were connected. In fact, if it wasn’t for all of the medical books that my mom left lying around from her constant medical studies, I might not have even know anything about anxiety at all, other than my own personal experiences.

But even after pouring over tons of mental health literature, I still had many unanswered questions. (Story of my life!)


The reason that we’ve never really learned much about anxiety from our traditional schooling is that it’s still pretty mysterious - even to people with YEARS of education and experience with mental health. Sure, we’ve developed ways to mediate or mask our anxiety that work pretty well, but understanding how to change our lifestyle to be better suited to our anxiety is just not a topic that you’re going to find much info on. (Unless you spend lots of time on my blog!)

At about age 13, I started to have a lot more anxiety, and even developed a nice little case of shingles as a result. Nothing particularly traumatic happened to me around that time - other than adolescence - so everyone was pretty confused as to why I was so stressed at the ripe old age of 13. I was given the official label of ‘anxious’, and went about my life.

I started noticing that during particularly anxious times, I was doing a lot of writing and illustration. At this point, I wasn’t yet connecting my anxiety and creativity as being a part of the same process. But nonetheless, moments like these where I channeled anxiety into creativity were glorious and productive, and continued on into my adulthood in random spurs.

After researching these topics until my eyeballs started falling out, I’m 96% sure that I know exactly how anxiety and creativity are connected.

Anxiety & creativity are both by-products of the human imagination, and this theory is now front and center in my business.

What I noticed during these random moments when I would coincidently channel anxiety into creativity, was that I was rerouting anxiety into creative projects. Without quite knowing where this was all coming from yet, this eventually became a little process that I wanted more and more of. And if channeling anxiety into creativity is a process, then shouldn’t there be a way to systemize it? Or at least control it better?

So here I am, many years later, and systemizing that process has been completed!


What exactly does systemizing the process of channeling anxiety into creativity look like? Well, it's an ecourse, and it's not just about art journaling or painting a picture when you feel extra anxious. 

When first speaking about this process, a few people were like - 'Oh - I did that in college!' Or - 'Oh - my girlfriend does that all the time! She loves it!' 

At first, I was like 'OMG - what're the deets on that process?! How do you stay accountable?! Who the hell is teaching that because I can't find them on the internet!?'

But then I realized that people were just talking about merely an action, and not a systematic process. Now my reaction to those types of comments are this face: -__-, because I know that this type of step-by-step training is not offered anywhere in the world. (I googled it, so I know.)

The Channeling Anxiety into Creativity course that I've been pouring my blood, sweat, and tears into involves step-by-step training that walks you through reframing your mindset and feelings about anxiety, choosing the most suitable creative method, transforming your physical space, organizing your creative plan, putting it all on a timeline, identifying your anxiety triggers and patterns, and then allowing those triggers to initiate work on the creative plan that you've put in place. 

Whew - that was a long sentence! And that's because the course teaches you a skill set and involves a process, and not just a random action that involves acrylic, wine, and a dashing good time with your girlfriends on a Saturday night. (Those are TOTALLY fun though!) 

So here’s how you can start channeling your anxiety into creativity:

You can do it the way that I did, and do a shitload of research on various successful/anxious/creative people and their mental health and creative processes, and then develop and test out a bunch of theories on yourself and your friends, write about that topic until you develop tendonitis, and then make a full-blown Channeling Anxiety into Creativity eCourse, and then a mini email drip version of that course - OR -

You can skip all of those steps and get started now by taking the Channeling Anxiety for Creatives mini email course.  

This mini version goes over the main concepts in the major version, including explaining the theory behind channeling anxiety, giving you the knowledge base necessary to start channeling, and explaining exactly how you'll channel anxiety.

Grab the email course here:

So in more or less words - both the mini and the major courses are based on rerouting imagination energy headed for anxiety into a little tunnel that pops out creative projects on the other side.


Want to start harnessing your anxiety and using it as fuel for your creativity? Check out a personal story on it - How I Started Channeling Anxiety into Creativity (And How it's Possible for You!) - Evergray Media

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