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Entrepreneurs & Anxiety: The Link

Call it a ‘dark side’ or call it a ‘contributing factor’ - anxiety just seems to come bundled up with entrepreneurship.

You want to know what I think the link between entrepreneurs & anxiety is?! (Of course you do!)


While entrepreneurship can be (and is) a contributing factor to anxiety, I’ve deduced that having an active imagination predisposes you to both anxiety and entrepreneurship.

There’s this super interesting article on a study that corroborates that there certainly is a link between entrepreneurship and mental illnesses, however - it's only acknowledging that link, and not giving many reasons as to WHY that is. (Also, though entrepreneurs clearly show disproportionately high rates of mental illness, anxiety seems to be across the board for all types of people in this particular study).

While entrepreneurship and anxiety both are by-products of an active imagination, more specifically - what they both take is VISION.

Entrepreneurs and anxious people both have no problems visualizing events or intangible things. Entrepreneurship is just imagination put to better use! Sometimes anxiety helps us in a sense that it prepares us for something, but it’s particularly hard to control, so most of us just try to rid ourselves of it. It’s energy nonetheless though, and it can totally be controlled/harnessed and used for good- especially in your business.

How am I so sure that anxiety can be channeled for the betterment of your business? Because I do it (almost every day), because I’ve observed other entrepreneurs and creative people doing it, and because I systemized it into a process.


The way that it makes sense to channel anxiety is to direct it into creative thinking and tasks. If you’re going to be using up imagination energy on anxiety, you’re a hop and a skip away from doing something creative and productive.

You can refocus your brain from harping on scenarios that make you anxious to imagining up new scenarios that coincide with those fears. And this is not the easiest thing to do (at least in the beginning!), but I have two resources here to help you out. (Take them both if you want!):

The Channeling Anxiety into Creativity 3 Part Mini Email Course, and the 25 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Harness Anxiety Checklist. The Channeling Anxiety mini course is for anyone that wants less anxiety and more creativity, and the 25 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Harness Anxiety checklist is for anxious entrepreneurs who want specific, actionable tasks to grow their business that they can start applying right away.

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Remember that creative process that I was talking about systemizing a few paragraphs back? The Channeling Anxiety into Creativity 3 Part Mini Email Course is a crash course on it!

So there’s the main Channeling Anxiety into Creativity eCourse - which is sizable and full of video lectures, mantras, and a pretty cool workbook, but then there’s this free, mini version of it covering the same concepts so that everyone can get in on the action. (That means you!)

The concepts taught in the mini course are: explaining the theory behind channeling anxiety, giving you the knowledge base necessary to start channeling, and explaining exactly how you'll channel anxiety - all while doling out some refreshing tidbits along the way.

To grab the CHANNELING ANXIETY FOR CREATIVES: The 3-Part Mini Email Course, type in those letters below, and it’ll slide into that inbox right here, right now!

So get in on those resources and get to work on taming that Anxiety Monster!


Ever notice how entrepreneurship seems to go hand-in-hand with anxiety? Is it the entrepreneurship that causes anxiety, or is it that anxious people tend to become entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurs & Anxiety: The Link Between Them: Explained - Evergray Media


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