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Creativity Cult the eCourse: The Badass Online Art Career Blueprint

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After decades of being surrounded by artists, (including yourself), you start to notice some common traits between all of them. It didn’t seem to matter whether they were painters, musicians, performance artists, or extreme scrapbookers; artists tend to care the most about art, and the creation of it.


As a result of caring mostly about art, most artists tend to just create it, and not necessarily see their art as a business that they can not only make a real living off of, but thrive from and impact the world.

The internet has changed the game, and modern-day artists don’t need high-end connections to actually sell their art, and they don’t need a huge production team to be able to impact the world in a meaningful way. With a solid strategy, and some good ol’ fashioned hard work, artists can drop their dreaded 9 to 5 that they maintain in order to pay the bills, and exchange it for a fulfilling and creative career.

It’s not that artists don’t believe that this is possible - it’s that there’s an overload of information out there in InternetLand, and canceling out all of the noise to follow a dream that may or may not work is just too time-consuming and risky for most of us.

I took that risk though after quitting my day job as a mortgage loan officer to start up Evergray Media, and about 2 years into my scary and rewarding creative journey, I had learned quite a few things. Once I started stacking up real-world experience with a business degree and an art background - I realized that I had enough compiled info and experience to lay out a blueprint that would save others some major time.


This blueprint has been laid out in an eCourse form: Creativity Cult: The Badass Online Art Career Blueprint.

Creativity Cult the eCourse: The Badassnline Art Career Blueprint

The whole point of Evergray Media is to help ambitious creatives take over the world, so this here eCourse focuses mainly on strategy. There’s other courses out there that will teach you how to master Instagram or how to get to your first 1,000 email subscribers, but an overall strategy specifically designed for artists that covers everything from mindset to going digital to content and marketing strategy to current resources and communities - it didn’t exist before Creativity Cult.

Guess what? You can taste test out Creativity Cult right here by getting Module 1: Mindset Transformation emailed over you right now:

Creativity Cult is an 8 week course, released only 3 - 4 times annually, and involves an active Facebook group, where I’ll be going live and we’ll all be able to interact with each other as fellow ambitious artists. Yay, friends! (You’re welcome to be a reclusive weirdo though, if that’s your preference.) Also, Creativity Cult comes with a downloadable, interactive workbook that’ll solidify and put into visual form what we’ll be learning. Here’s what it looks like inside the course:

Inside the Creativity Cult eCourse: The Badass Online Art Career Blueprint

Each week, we’ll cover one of the 8 modules, so this will be the timeline:

WEEK 1: Mindset Transformation

WEEK 2: Endless Inspiration, Energy, & Focus

WEEK 3: Business for Artists

WEEK 4: Going Digital

WEEK 5: Brand Designing

WEEK 6: Content Strategy

WEEK 7: Marketing Blueprint

WEEK 8: Artist Resources, Support, & Communities

Click here for a more detailed overview of the modules

So this course is made specifically for visual artists, but many of the same concepts will still apply for musicians, writers, performance-based artists, and any other type of creative entrepreneur that wants to make it online. The point of Creativity Cult is not just to make you a more well-rounded artist - it’s to make you a significantly better businessperson.


So this is super exciting, unprecedented, and Creativity Cult is an enlightening journey that all of us artists deserve to be a part of. That means you! 

You can taste test out Creativity Cult right here by getting Module 1: Mindset Transformation emailed over you right now:

Check here to find out the start date of the next Creativity Cult course!

Ready to take your precious art career full-time? For pioneering, modern-day artists: The Story of Creativity Cult: The Badass Online Art Career Blueprint  - Evergray Media

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  • Tresha Faye Haefner-Rubinstein

    This looks totally awesome! I think so many artists don’t try to make a career because they don’t even know that they can! It’s great you are showing them the way.

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