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Channeling Anxiety for Creatives: the 3 Part Mini Email Course!

The day has finally come - the Channeling Anxiety for Creatives mini email course is here!

Chances are, most of the chatter around anxiety that you’ve heard casts it in a dingy light. You’ve probably read titles such as:

“Slay Your Anxiety 101!”

“10 Ways to INSTANTLY Reduce Anxiety!”

“Manage Your Anxiety with Various Types of Tea!”

“Kill Your Anxiety in 8 Super Simple Steps!”

“5 Essential Oils That are GUARANTEED to BUST. THAT. ANXIETY!”

Headlines today make anxiety sound somewhat like an evil villain that’s allergic to tea, yoga, and self-affirmations - but while many of these techniques actually do end up helping people (me included), none of them answer the burning questions about where anxiety actually comes from.


Here’s a new headline:

“Anxiety’s Not an Evil Villain At All – it’s an Energy Resource that Comes From our Imagination and it can be Channeled into Prolific Work!”

If you understand that anxiety comes from your imagination, then you can understand how anxiety can be your ally. (You still with me?) If you’re not convinced that anxiety can actually be your ally, (I am just a random chick blogging on the internet after all), then maybe a little science can sway you. Or how about some more science. Or maybe even MORE SCIENCE.

If you clicked on any of those links, you’ll see how scientists mostly equate anxiety to being your ally by the existence of extra energy and awareness that we have as a result of the heightened physical response that we get when we’re anxious. This extra energy can totally be channeled to your benefit! 

Guess what else comes from an active imagination? Creativity! Science has also made some connections between anxiety and creativity, and how they seem to go hand-in-hand.

So if you have an active imagination and you harness it well, you can use both your anxiety and your creativity to drive your success. (Anxiety gives you the energy and motivation, and creativity gives you the edge.)

We’re finally getting to the bottom of those mysterious creative people with mental disorders that somehow end up being super successful!


Are you a mysterious creative person with a mental disorder that's interested in somehow ending up super successful?


If you’ve read more than 2 articles on this blog, you’ve read about my theory on how anxiety and creativity are both by-products of the imagination. So if you have anxiety by any chance, you can totally channel that extra anxious energy into creativity - which can absolutely contribute to your success. 

There’s an Evergray eCourse floating about in the universe called Channeling Your Anxiety into Creativity’. (Excitement!) It’s sizable and interactive, but I made a free, mini email course version of it covering the same concepts so that everyone can get in on the action. (That means you!)

These concepts include: explaining the theory behind channeling anxiety, giving you the knowledge base necessary to start channeling, and explaining exactly how you'll channel anxiety - all while doling out some refreshing tidbits along the way. 

To grab the CHANNELING ANXIETY FOR CREATIVES: The 3-Part Mini Email Course, type in those letters below, and it’ll slide into that inbox right here, right now!

And if for any unbeknownst reason - you're not quite ready to dive into an email course, but are still curious about the whole ‘channeling anxiety' thing, there's the super fun flowchart quiz on imagination by-products! (Hint: anxiety is one of the by-products.) Basically, we use our imagination to not only dream up an ideal house, body, or lifestyle that we want, but we dream up doom and gloom too - this manifests into anxiety. This quiz helps you channel that imagination energy back into more desirable by-products like creative projects before it ever reaches the point of debilitating anxiety.

Take the flowchart quiz to find out where all of that imagination energy is going by getting it emailed to your inbox!

Channeling Anxiety for Creatives - The 3 Part Mini Email Course! Evergray Media

Channeling Anxiety For Creatives: The 3-Part Mini Email Course - Evergray Media


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