Anxiety Superpowers: 5 Advantageous Traits

No need to preface this – anxiety can be positive! Let’s get right to it!

1. Chances are, anxious people are smarter than their calmer counterparts

Not only do anxious people typically have higher IQs, or Intellectual Quotients, but they are usually better at sensing the energies of others in social situations, leading them to higher marks in EQs, as well. EQs, or Emotional Quotients - sometimes referred to as Emotional Intelligence, is actually more of a contributing factor to your success than IQ. Dr. Jeremy Coplan, a researcher and professor of psychiatry at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, agrees – stating that although most people tend to view anxiety as a negative thing, it’s actually linked to intelligence. 


2. They can be better leaders than non-anxious people 

This is because of that ol’ extra Emotional Intelligence – when someone’s more empathetic and better at reading emotional signals in a social situation, they have the propensity to be more adept leaders, (so long as they can keep their panic under control).

3. Anxious people are the ‘canaries in a coal mine’

You've heard of this saying, right? It means that -  like a canary in a coal mine - an anxious person will likely be on the lookout for the first signs of danger, and will be quick to alert others if they find it. I know from firsthand experience as an anxious person, that I am always on the lookout for danger. If I smell kerosene, notice a fin in the water, or see a drunk looking driver on the road – you best believe I’m telling the people around me. Every group needs a lookout, no?

4. Anxious people are typically more creative 

That’s right! They're more at risk of being bipolar or schizophrenic too, but that’s besides the point. Here’s a neat little study that shows how people who worked in creative professions were almost 25% more likely to carry the genetic variants related to psychiatric disorders like anxiety and depression than were people who worked in other occupations. Why is that, though? Science is still trying to figure it out, but I’ve been working hard in my little home office, and I am 98% sure that I know why. It’s because they have active imaginations that manifest both positive outcomes like creative vision and negative outcomes that result in anxiety. 

I've been developing a theory that the imagination naturally produces 8 by-products, (I made this handy infographic), and chances are, you’re producing almost all of these by-products every single day. Any of the by-products - including anxiety - can be good or bad, and everyone has different ideal amounts that they’d like on a regular basis. (I personally like less anxiety and more creative projects!)

Basically, we use our imagination to not only dream up an ideal house, body, or lifestyle that we want, but we dream up doom and gloom too - this manifests into anxiety. There's actually a super cool flowchart quiz that helps you recognize where your imagination energy is going so that you can channel it back into more desirable by-products like creative projects before it ever reaches the point of debilitating anxiety.

Take the Imagination Flowchart Quiz and find out where all of that imagination energy is going - get it emailed to that inbox!

How exactly might you channel your anxiety into more desirable by-products though? There must a step-by-step process! Well guess fucking what - there is.

There’s an Evergray eCourse floating about in the universe called ‘Channeling Your Anxiety into Creativity’. (Yay!) It’s sizable and interactive, and I made a free, mini email course version of it covering the same concepts so that everyone can get in on the action, or just taste it before they go all in. (That means you!)

These concepts include explaining the theory behind channeling anxiety, giving you the knowledge base necessary to start channeling, and explaining exactly how you'll channel anxiety - all while doling out some refreshing tidbits along the way. 

To grab the CHANNELING ANXIETY FOR CREATIVES: The 3-Part Mini Email Course, type in those letters below, and it’ll slide into that inbox right here, right now! 

5. An anxious body is more prepared for battle

Odds are, you’re not actually going into battle, but you’ll be ready if something weird breaks out. (Like if you have to break up a bar fight or shield yourself from a passive aggressive coworker’s comments). When you get anxious, your eyesight gets better as your pupils dilate, your reflexes and reaction time improves, your brain starts functioning better with the extra blood flow, and you’ll be able to identify a threatening face better.

Anxiety Hero to the rescue!

Anxiety Superpowers - 5 Advantageous Traits of Anxious People - Evergray Media

Anxiety Superpowers - 5 Advantageous Traits - Evergray Media

Anxiety Superpowers: 5 Advantageous Traits - Evergray Media


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