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An Evergray Community: The Facebook Group for Channeling Anxiety into Creativity

Join the Facebook group for channeling anxiety into creativity here!

There's now a Facebook group for this because there’s a lot of us out there that fit this profile: artists - with anxiety - and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Or maybe you’re just anxious, and you don’t really consider yourself an artist or an entrepreneur, or you’re an entrepreneur who doesn’t quite consider yourself an artist, but you’ve got anxiety nonetheless. Or possibly, you’re an artist who’s coming around to embrace the fact that your desire to work on your art makes you an entrepreneur. 

THESE ARE ALL THE SAME PEOPLE - being an artist, anxious person, or entrepreneur comes from the same mental process. (I made a song about it, and you’ll see it uploaded soon!)

You're also going to find students of the Channel Anxiety into Creativity eCourse in here!

The common ground that everyone here has is an active imagination; this might lead you to imagine up a brand new business, imagine darker outcomes that end up manifesting into anxiety, or just imagine up beautiful works of art. The imagination is a crazy, awesome thing that produces a bunch of by-products on the daily - check out this infographic showing the 8 by-products of imagination here.

There's also a handy, dandy flowchart quiz that you absolutely should take to find out where all of your precious imagination energy is actually going:

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Channel Anxiety into Creativity: the Facebook group - join here!

I’d love it if we could all drop our guilt surrounding having a mental disorder like anxiety that puts pressure on our loved ones, and understand that anxious states are just a human condition that can actually help us.

This group is for anxious people who want to explore the nature of their anxiety, move way past simply 'managing it' or 'slaying it', and turn it into actual creativity that improves your life. Once the process of anxiety is understood (and even befriended!), we can recognize patterns, triggers, and most importantly - opportunities!

It can be good to have anxiety! There are ways to harness it as an energy resource - and that's totally an energy resource that non-anxious people just don't have access to. 

Join the Facebook group for channeling anxiety into creativity here!

Channel Anxiety into Creativity: The Facebook Group - Evergray Media

Channel Anxiety into Creativity: the Facebook group - join here! Make the best use of your high-functioning anxiety, and it's crazy new theories on anxiety so must be open-minded!


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